What is the Best Type of Duct Cleaning?

Negative pressure is widely considered to be the most effective way to clean an air duct as it prevents debris from entering the air and an antimicrobial spray helps to prevent further accumulation. Contrary to popular belief, air duct cleaning is not just about cleaning the ducts. In fact, the entire air conditioning system must be cleaned in order to get the desired results. If all components of the system are not cleaned, the entire system can be re-contaminated, thus reducing the benefits of cleaning.

Experts use longer hoses and a rotating brush to clean the ducts. The hose is pushed through the ventilation grille while the brush releases the debris. This method of vacuuming and brushing is more effective than just vacuuming air ducts. The only downside is that the vacuum may not produce enough suction to lift and remove clogged debris.

DUCTZ has been a leader in duct cleaning since 2002 and follows NADCA, ACCA and EPA standards. The company uses high-power HEPA vacuums to collect dust and dirt and UV-C light treatment to kill germs and mold and eliminate VOCs. DUCTZ also rehabilitates old ducts, covering and sealing holes and cracks to make HVAC systems more efficient. Unfortunately, DUCTZ is only available in 22 states and select locations in Canada, but it's a good option if there's a branch in your area.

DUCTZ customer service is highly praised. The company provides detailed quotes that break down the cost of its services after a home inspection, so homeowners can be sure they are getting a fair and accurate quote. DUCTZ also offers related services such as cleaning dryer grids and more comprehensive HVAC repair work. Technicians provide owners with before and after photos to ensure thoroughness and quality of service.

Appointment requests can be made online through the DUCTZ website or by calling a local office. Thanks to its innovative in-depth cleaning process and a quotation process that provides customers with a complete breakdown of the service and its cost, DUCTZ is a leader when it comes to air duct cleaning services. If DUCTZ isn't available, Stanley Steemer comes second with its comprehensive cleaning services that cover not only ductwork but also the HVAC equipment to which they connect. The EPA maintains that homes have different living conditions, making it difficult to conclude that duct cleaning is essential. Additional services offered by duct cleaning companies include carpet cleaning, cleaning dryer vents, and repairing air conditioning systems.

If you find yourself changing filters more often than usual, it's usually a good sign that your air ducts need to be cleaned. Although there are plenty of DIY resources for cleaning air ducts on the Internet, it's best to hire a professional. Duct cleaning takes two to five hours depending on the size of your home, type of ventilation used, level of pollution, and number of employees working. In addition to duct cleaning, many companies offer other services that might interest homeowners. If you need your ducts cleaned urgently due to a rat infestation or mold problem, calling a local office will usually expedite service faster than completing an online service request form.

Whether you're trying to determine when to clean those ducts or how much you can expect to pay for it, read on for answers to these and other frequently asked questions about this service. Any self-respecting duct cleaning service must have a certification from the National Association of Air Duct Cleaners (NADCA). The professional should inspect the air duct system to assess its condition and determine an appropriate cleaning technique. Stanley Steemer is known for its carpet cleaning services but is also an affordable option for cleaning air ducts with more than 280 locations in 49 states. Construction dirt often contains particulate matter which can cause respiratory problems if air ducts are not cleaned properly. Whether you hire a plumber, an electrician or an air duct cleaning company customer service is key to having a good experience. While this may seem like an inconvenient additional step, companies that are willing to perform an inspection before cleaning the ducts are more likely to do a better job than those that don't.

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