The Dangers of Dirty Air Ducts: What You Need to Know

Dirty air ducts can have a serious impact on your home and your health, not only making your heating and cooling system less efficient, but also causing allergies, asthma, and even respiratory infections. Dust, dirt, and other allergens can accumulate in air ducts over time and be released into the air you breathe, leading to a range of breathing problems. In addition, dirty air ducts can increase your energy bills and cause unpleasant odors. It is essential to clean your air ducts regularly to ensure the safety of your home and its occupants. If you or someone in your family has asthma, dirty air ducts can trigger an asthma attack.

Dust and debris that accumulate inside the vents reduce airflow and make it difficult for the oven filters to do their job properly. This means that you are paying for energy without getting the proper benefits in return. People who ignore duct cleaning should consider the consequences of a dirty environment, such as nasal congestion, lethargy, allergies, and many other health issues. It is usually safe to have your air ducts cleaned once every 1 to 3 years if you do not have asthma or allergies. If you are concerned about indoor air quality, you may have thought about buying an air purifier.

Secondly, cleaning the air ducts will eliminate any unpleasant or musty odors that may come from the ventilation ducts. The location of this problem can make it difficult to determine the best way to fix it; however, if the dirt and dust seem serious, you should call an air duct cleaning professional. Properly cleaning air conditioning ducts is not a DIY project, nor is it a job for a cheap guy with an air compressor in a van. Larger pipeline cleaning systems mounted on trailers or vans are usually based on low-power motor compressors and generate more suction, typically 400 to 1000 CFM. While portable cleaning systems cost less and are convenient, they lack the suction power needed to remove dust and debris that get trapped in residential ducts. That is why it is important to periodically check the condition of the air ducts to see if they need air duct cleaning services.

In addition to cleaning moldy air ducts, technicians will recommend that you invest in a household dehumidifier, since mold and mildew grow in humid areas. As a general rule of thumb, if more than 3 years have passed since the last cleaning, the air ducts are likely to be a bit messed up.

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